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My name is Karma, and I've been creating do-it-yourself wedding invitations and stationery to brides since the end of 1999.

It all started out of a love of handmade paper with real flower petal inclusions. In the very beginning, I imported large sheets of handmade paper from all over the world, cut them to size, and sold to craft supply stores, bridal shops and also to individual crafters and brides. There were so many beautiful papers out there! I found many different petal inclusion papers of all different colors, lace papers, and very thin natural inclusion papers. I couldn't  believe how beautiful they all were, and that they seemed to be so hard to find here in the US. 

One day, a bride came to me and asked if, in addition to the pre-cut papers, I could make and package together an invitation kit for her. I agreed, and that was the start of my invitation kit business. I sold both pre-designed invitation kits that I'd purchased from distributers as well as my own creations with handmade paper, jewels, ribbons, etc. It was so much fun coming up with new designs out of so many different elements and colors. It became quite clear to me that the days of basic black and white invitations were coming an end, and colors and personalization were definitely in. Brides were finally able to personalize every aspect of their wedding with colors and their own personal touch!

Fast forward to today. I'm so excited to be able to offer instant download, editable wedding templates for customers to have instant access to! This is a super easy and affordable way for you to create your own wedding invitations, programs, table numbers, place cards, etc. all on your home computer and printer!

If you have any questions at all, just me ask here.