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Photo Booth Editable PDF Template | 2 x 6 | Adore Calligraphy (Gold)

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  • What's Editable?:  Text & Font Style
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  • Finished Size: 2" x 6"
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Invite your guests to visit your photo booth and say "welcome" at the same time! This messy gold calligraphy photo booth insert makes the perfect wedding favor.

Simply edit your text, print, trim to size, and put in 2 x 6 photo booth frames.

*Please Note: The words "Welcome" and "Love" are part of the design, so you won't be able to change these on your end.

How to Trim Your Templates

Wedding Table Numbers Template - Trim To Size
A paper trimmer works best for trimming. We personally prefer a guillotine-style trimmer because you can trim more sheets at a time, but you can use the sliding kind too. You can also use a X-Acto knife and cutting mat.
Don't have a paper trimmer? Many quick print shops or office supply stores have self-service area that you can use free of charge.

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Photo Booth Wedding Frame Template Photo Booth Editable PDF Template | 2 x 6 | Adore Calligraphy (Gold)

Photo Booth Editable PDF Template | 2 x 6 | Adore Calligraphy (Gold)

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