Wedding Template Questions / Help

Looking for Tutorials?

Templett has easy diy wedding template tutorials right on their site!

How do I access my template?

Minutes after you order, Templett will send you a link to access and edit your template. There will be a button like what's shown below. You'll need to set up a free account with them so that you can save your work and come back to it anytime.

 access to template link

My programs don't line up (the front and back is off)

This happens if, when you go to print, you have your settings on something other than 100%. The picture below shows what your settings should be at when you go to print your template.

 Front and Back of Template doesn't align

My print shop asked for a "Print Release Form".

We made these templates primarily to print at home, but you're certainly welcome to have them printed for you.

Here is more info about what types of printers will be able to use our files: Quick Print Shops

Some print shop will request a Print Release Form in order to print these for you. You can download it here: Printer Release Form

What type of cardstock should I buy?

80lb cardstock is usually a safe bet for most home printers, and is pretty sturdy. Inkjet printers tend to take a bit heavier stock than laser printers, but make sure and check your printer's manual to see what paper weight they recommend. If you try to use heavier than what your printer can handle, you can wind up damaging your print heads.

Where do I find pocketfolders?

Woohoo! You've downloaded & printed your templates, now you need pocketfolders to put them in? Here is a list of our favorite pocketfolder & envelope suppliers that carry pocketfolders to fit our pocket template sets.

5x7 Pocket Sets:

Paper & More (5 x 7 Himalaya Size)

Cards & Pockets (Signature 5x7)

Pocketfold Invites (Debut 130mmx185mm) - UK

6x6 Pocket Sets:

Paper & More (6 1/4" Himalaya Pocket Invitation Cards)

How much cardstock should I buy for my pocket invitations?

If you're wondering how much cardstock you need to purchase for your pocket sets, this will give you an idea of how to do the math:

First, make sure you actually need the number of invitations you think you need. Don’t go by the number of guests as many will be couples/families, and will only need one invitation (You might have 200 guests attending and only need 100 invitations).

Then, here is how the pocket sets are set up per page:

  • Invite: 2-per-page
  • Enc1: 2-per-page
  • Enc2: 2-per-page
  • Enc3: 4-per-page
  • Enc4: 4-per-page

So, for example, for 150 invitations, you would need approximately:

Invites: 150/2 = 75
Enc1: 150/2 = 75
Enc2: 150/2 = 75
Enc3: 150/4 = 38
Enc4: 150/4 = 38

Approximate total of cardstock sheets needed for 150 invitations: 301