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Free Wedding Template Samples

Why should you try the free samples first? So you can make sure that you have the correct software and see how the colors print from your particular printer.

Q. Why would the colors print differently than what I see on my screen?

A. Printers and monitors/screens have different methods of outputting color. Plus most monitors are set to very bright. But that's not the only reason. Another factor is that two printers can print completely different shades using the exact same template. Your best bet is to ask for a free sample so you can test out the template that you're interested in and make sure that it will print how you want it to.

The only difference between the samples and the paid versions is the word "sample" on the designs.

It's easiest to ask for a free sample directly from the product page (that way we'll know which template you're asking about), but you can also ask below. Just make sure you tell us which one you'd like to try.