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Each designer here deals with fonts differently. Some have created their own, some have licenses to certain paid and free fonts and have them embedded into the template, and others will send or direct you to where to find the fonts they use for display in their templates. Please check each template listing for details.

For instant download templates, you can always use any font that you either already have now or decide to download to your computer.

Special note about Karma K. Designs: Some of the templates shown use paid fonts that I've been given permission to use like this. However, they don't always come through the templates (especially if you are using a Mac). The templates in which I used these types of fonts will have links to where to purchase along with credit to the font designer).

If you don't want to purchase a font, there are also many beautiful free fonts out there. Here is a great free font site:
You would close Microsoft® Word, download the font you would like to use, right click and install it to your fonts, and then re-open Word and your template. Then just select the text that you want to change, and change it to the font style that you want using the font drop down menu in Word.