We'll miss you, Etsy! But we had to move on...

You can now find all of our wedding templates here on our main website, where we're able to offer you a few bonuses that we weren't able to there, like freebies, search by color, collection pages and the ability to sort without having to copy and paste item codes.

We're working on making this site an easier place to find the wedding templates you need with the same amazing customer service we offered on Etsy.

Don't get us wrong, Etsy is a great place to find wedding templates, and there a lot of amazing designers there. But as a top seller for years, we found that the thousands of color change requests caused us to lose focus and end up with a ton of mismatched collections.

You can find beautiful wedding templates & ideas on Etsy here.

In the coming months, you'll notice that we're weeding out designs and collections that are missing matching templates, and focusing on full collections of wedding templates that you'll be able to bundle together for a cohesive look at your wedding or event.

We're also in the process of converting our most popular templates into PDF format so that that they're easier to use for both Windows and Mac customers! So if you see something you like that's not in PDF format, just ask us to make it for you.

We're also happy to announce that we've partnered with Zazzle to bring you custom printed invitations, signs, and more.