Color Changeables - Detailed Instructions for docx


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:::Microsoft® Word® Instructions:::

1. Enable Editing:

Once you've downloaded your file, you may have to click "Enable Editing" in order to edit it.

2. Select the Design & Change the Colors:

Now you're ready to change to your perfect wedding colors! You only need to RIGHT CLICK on the part of the design that you want to change. But even if you select the wrong part, no worries...simply click outside of the document area and then try again. If you have trouble getting a certain part of the design selected, just zoom in and click once on it, and then zoom back out. (I've made it easier with some of my more detailed designs by putting boxes on the sides that you can click on to select certain parts.)

*You won't really be able to tell that you have a part of the design selected until you go to change the color. I have the elements that are supposed to be the same colors grouped together, so Word just puts a big box around all of them. But just try changing the color..then you'll be able to see what you have selected.

After you click on "Fill", a box will pop up with standard colors that you can select from. You can choose from any of these or choose "More Fill Colors" for even more color options. The sky's the limit!

3. Change the text inside the text boxes:

I sometimes forget this, but you have to make sure you're on the "Home" tab to change your text color.

You simply select the text that you want to change, and change it. You can change all of your text, font style, and font colors inside of the text boxes. Then just print it out!


5. Trim to size on the trim marks:

Trim to size on the trim marks. It's that easy! But go ahead and try it out for yourself! I have free samples of all of my templates right at the top of each description.