Calligraphy Fonts

Our wedding templates are set up with different fonts that go with the stationery, but if you'd like to change up the style of your invitations or programs, you can always use your own calligraphy fonts or other script / handwriting fonts that you either already have on your computer or would like to install.

Where do you find calligraphy fonts?

Dafont has a great selection of free calligraphy fonts available for personal use, so if you're wanting to use for your own wedding (i.e. not for products you sell). Check them out! There are new fonts added frequently.

You can find the best of the best fonts at Creative market! With so many font designers, it's hard to pick just one. Just like Dafont, they have a handy preview where you can try out your names in the test area to see what they look like with the font you're looking at. Just beware. If you're a font-lover, Creative Market is addicting!