Wedding Program Templates

Folded Programs

These wedding programs are the easiest to assemble since you just print and fold in half (no trimming involved). They also have more room for your full wedding party, thank you message, and reception info.

Tea Length

These modern style programs are nice because they're simple, yet with a front and back side, they have room for your ceremony info and wedding party.

Program Fans

These are perfect for outdoor summer weddings. They're our smallest wedding programs, and, if you're making your own, require the most assembly. But your guests will appreciate your effort as they're fanning off the summer heat while watching you exchange vows.


Edit. Download. Print

Looking for easy-to-use download & edit wedding program templates? Here you'll find wedding program fans, foldover wedding programs (booklets), and tall tea-length program templates. Some are editable in free Adobe Reader, and other program templates are editable in Microsoft® Word.

Which type of program should you go with?


The easiest by far is the foldover / folding style. This one requires no trimming...after you print, just fold it in half (only works with US size sheets).


This is a popular style, but does require a bit more effort when it comes to trimming your wedding program to size. We'd love to make these simply trim-in-half wedding program templates, but because many printers don't print all the way to the edge of a standard sheet, we've made them a bit smaller on all sides, so they'll need to be trimmed at the top, bottom and each side.


These are perfect for outdoor summer weddings (or churches without good air-conditioning!). They require the most assembly, but your guests will appreciate being able to fan themselves while participating in your ceremony.

The nice thing about our program fan templates is that they're versatile. For example, if you don't want fans, you can also just print on both sides of your sheet and trim to size to make a 5 x 7 panel fan.

Whichever wedding program template you choose, we're always here to help with tips or troubleshooting if you need.

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