DIY Vintage Place Card Idea

This picture was sent in to me from another one of my Etsy customers. Thanks again Erisa!

diy wedding place cards - Vintage Gray

Here is what she messaged me:

"Hi, Karma. I wanted to circle back with you, now that our wedding is over, to thank you for all of your help in making my wedding day beautiful! The tent cards and escort cards were perfect and made my life so much easier, especially given all of the DIY projects that I handled for the wedding :-) You offer a great product and are wonderful with customer service! Thank you again for being such a beautiful part of the most special day in our lives. I will never forget your help! I thought you might like to see a couple of pictures of the cards from our wedding. Enjoy!"

You may have noticed that she used city names for her tables instead of numbers. I suggested that she use my Reserved Signs as her table numbers instead since they're much longer. (I'll post pics of her table cards too soon).

Want to make your own place cards? Click Here to see all of my place card templates or click the picture below to use the same place card as Erisa:

vintage wedding place card template

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